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Items filtered by date: May 2018

On May 30. 2018 the Regional Tournament in Integrated Boccia of couples took place at the gym of the Regional School of Business and Services in Dolný Kubín, organized by the Center for Social Services PRAMEŇ in Dolný Kubín under the auspices of the Self-governing Region of Žilina (ŽSK).

Boccia is a Paralympic sport especially for physically disabled people, but its integrated version is suitable for all without disparities in disability and so completely healthy players.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 18:42

3th league tournament in Michalovce

Slovak boccia players met at a league tournament during the weekend of 19 -20. May 2018 in Michalovce. The event was organized by OZ ZOM Prešov in cooperation with Bashto Sports, which provided the technical running of the tournament.

The took place at the Gymnasium of Pavel Horov. All the 5 categories of individuals competed. Competitors in category BC2, played the 2nd league round, while all other categories the 3rd league round. The first day, on Saturday 19 May, players competed in BC1, BC3 and BC5 categories, Sunday belonged to competing in categories BC2 and BC4. We also bring some photos from this event and a brief overview of the results.

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 18:20

Presentation boccia sport in Michalovce

Dear boccia friends,

A presentation of paralympic sport Boccia for secondary school students took place on the 3rd of May 2018 at the Gymnasium of Pavol Horov in Michalovce.

Why was our presentation directed to the students of this school?

The Sport club of ZOM Prešov is planning to organize boccia tournaments at this place starting with a Slovak National League Tournament in all categories, which takes place from the 19th to 20th May of 2018. We wanted to demonstrate Boccia to the local students and invite them to cooperate in organizing boccia tournaments at their school, especially as volunteer timekeepers.


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