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Friday, 12 July 2019 16:51

Interview with Mikaela Andersson form Sweden

Written by bashtosports.com
Interview with Mikaela Andersson Interview with Mikaela Andersson
1. Dear Mikaela, as we heard from a communication with your coach Ray Clark (Coach and trainer for IFAH Ramp Boccia) about your success on in the Göteborg Open Boccia competition in November 2018, we would like to make a short interview with you. First of all, congratulations on your triumph. How do you feel as a fresh champion?
Thank you, I am very happy about it and I feel very well.

2. Could you tell us a bit more about this tournament – who participated in it, how many players were competing? What does this victory mean to you?
I am not sure about how many players attended the tournament but I think there were 9 players in my category. The victory pleased me a lot, it was a very nice feeling because it was my first competition.

3. Has somebody else from your team won a medal beside you in this competition?
Yes, my team-mate and friend Cecilia got a silver medal.

Rozhovor s Mikaela Andersson

4. Is the gold medal from Göteborg Open your best result in boccia so far? Do you also participate in Boccia tournaments on international level?
Yes, this was my best result so far. I have never participated any international tournaments, since like I said before, this was my first professional competition at all.

5. When did you start to play boccia and what does boccia mean to you?
I think is was 4 years ago, when I came in first contact with boccia and I like it very much.

6. Beside Boccia, do You play any other Paralympic sports or do you have any other interests in you free time?
No, I don‘t do any other sports and I just want to focus on Boccia.

7. Could you briefly describe the situation in boccia in Sweden? When has boccia started to expand in Sweden, how many clubs there are and how is it organized at present? For example, in Slovakia boccia has been played since around year 1996.
Boccia is becoming very popular and there are more and more disabled people who are starting to play boccia. Sorry, I really don’t know when it started and how many clubs there are at the moment in Sweden.

Rozhovor s Mikaela Andersson

8. Success in the BC3 category strongly depends on a perfect boccia equipment - boccia ramp and boccia balls. You bought a boccia ramp from BASHTO SPORTS company - BASHTO Athletic Basic. What is your experience with the ramp?
I like this ramp very much, I have been using it for about 2 years and got acquainted with it during this time.

9. We know Cecilia has accidentally broke an extension of her boccia ramp. After receiving the replacement from us, were our video tutorials helpful during the replacement process of the broken part for the spare one?
Yes it was very clear and helpful, I think customers really appreciate this kind of help.

10. In addition to good sports equipment and training, the player's assistant is a very important factor for success in BC3. Tell us about your assistant. Do you play well together? How long have you been training together?
Me and my assistant we are very well coordinated. It is, actually my mother. We have been training together about 2 years and we understand each other very well.

11. According to your coach, you were intensively preparing for the next tournament in April, which was the most important competition of the year. Sweden’s elite players took part in this tournament. How was your training going and what goals did you reach in this tournament?
Yes, I was preparing a lot for that tournament and I reached the 6th place alongside the Swedish elite. But on May 4 I played on the SM in Uppsala, where I reached 3rd place, what makes me very proud.

Rozhovor s Mikaela Andersson

12. There is a lot of brands and various models of Boccia Ramps, why did you choose the BASHTO Athletic Basic boccia ramp?
Because it simply suits me :)

13. If you decide to participate in the international boccia tournament, we would like to see you at the Boccia Tatra Cup, which takes place every year in the beautiful mountain of Low Tatras in Slovakia in June. Would you ever be interested in taking part in it?
Absolutely. And I'll wait for any information from your side.

14. We wish you a lot of sporting success and all the best in your personal life.
Thank you very much and I hope my answers had helped you.



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