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Boccia training management

For sports clubs, social facilities, schools or interest groups, we offer boccia training conducted by an experienced trainer of this sport. The training is led by Ondrej Bašták Ďurán, who is a holder of 1st class sports training certificate for all with specialization in Physical Culture, or his assistant according to plans drawn up by the trainer. Ondrej Bašták Ďurán is also the author of the boccia training manual, which describes basic training techniques in boccia. We offer not only training but also work out training materials and evaluation of training activities so that athletes get feedback on their success.

Success in every sport discipline depends on many things, but training is among those that are indispensable. If you are aiming to achieve success in sports and looking for a helping hand, do not hesitate to contact us.

Between year 2012 and 2015 we had been training boccia at the Farfalletta Club Zilina and CSS TAU Turie. In cooperation with club Farfaletta we organize Boccia Tournaments in Čičmany, where the athletes spend several days intensive training activities.

The training consists of warm-ups, major training activities focused on a certain topic, modified matches focused on the development of specific sports skills, classical matches that are organized in the club's mini league and played with comments of the coach and participators of integrated boccia, which serves as a relaxing training activity who are also directly involved in the training process by assistants or parents and various competitive activities in the form of games.

Another facility we were conduct regular boccia trainings was DSS Jasanima Rožňava, which offers its services to people with mental disabilities. The training took place every 2 weeks for 2 hours, when players could play integrated boccia at relaxation level. However, DSS Jasanima and DSS Amália players, who were attending training sessions, are not left behind on premises, but thanks to boccia they have entered tournaments in integrated bocce in Prešov and Rožňava or in Poland.

The training offer price is determined individually and depends on the agreed terms. If you are interested in our offer of training, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ondrej Bašták Ďurán BASHTO SPORTS


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Our company has been operating on the market since 2013 and is a manufacturer of professional sports equipment for disabled athletes with a focus on Paralympic sport - BOCCIA.

We supply our products to a number of subjects both in Slovakia and abroad.

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